Saturday, September 24, 2016

Come Thrive with us --- Talent on Board!

A Shout-out to Alexander R. Tambascia ---- We have a talented Weapon Mechanics Designer on board! The profile below may help you get to know more about him!

So far, our in-game weapon design is still under discussion, but will share our conspiracy later on.

About Alexander

Alexander R. Tambascia, D.Sc (aka Geister) is an indie game developer for an Anime Video Game Company in the United States called MECHA Software, LLC.

He has various worldwide publications and some minor indie game titles for Windows Platform. Alexander has served in the United States Military and has been deployed around the world. He uses experience to develop realistic game weapons, technology and mechanics to mimic real world experiences. He also is an avid cosplayer, he is often known in the community under his call sign Geister, some of his cosplays include (not limited to) HALO, Deslok [Star Blazers], Exosquad, Code Geass, Eureka 7, Bubblegum Crisis [classic], AD Police, and D Grayman.

If you want to see Alexander’s cool avatar jut check out the links:

MECHA Software, LLC.

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