Sunday, November 22, 2015

Developer's Journal ----- "Pushkina" Space Station...

This is my concept design/art for a small space station “Pushkina” near BonBon Planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. I have decided to add an extra chapter (the DEMO chapter) which comes before the prologue to test the gameplay, so I need a relatively small and enclosed area. 

"Pushkina" Space Station --- Jellyfish type!

The game is a 2D game but this space station “Pushkina” (maybe other locations) will be built in 3D models with SketchUp (still testing it). It might take extra time to build the 3D model but I think it will save time for the future if I need to draw the same location many times from multiple angles. 

The very basic structure of “Pushkina” space station is illustrated as following. (Research link here: ). Those ‘’thermal radiator soft tubes’’(LOL..) have another function, which I don’t want to disclose here.

Again, there shall be a cutaway drawing to show the more detailed inner components / structure of this ‘’Pushkina” space station. I can’t move on without a clear fictional world so now I’m stuck here, will continue to torture myself, but hopefully I can finish it by next weekend or so…

Stay tuned and have a great week ahead!

Basic Structure

3D Prototype

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